Friday, July 10, 2015

Movie Review and Relfections: Minions (2015)

2/5 stars

In a spin-off from Despicable Me, the Minions now star in their own movie which is an attempt to provide a back story about these yellow creatures(while providing their usual slapstick humor) and an attempt to sell children(and adults) more minion products. The latter is sure to be a success. The movie?

Watching it is like watching a comedy duo, without the other half of that duo. Just like the scene in the Incredible Burt Wonderstone when Steve Carell, thinking he was good enough, insisted in performing even without his partner. It was broken act- full of unanswered lines.

Back to the Minions where we don't get to see Gru(voiced by Steve Carell) but just minions that stumble, minions that sing and dance, minions that stumble, minions that mumble, minions that stumble, minions dressing up. More minions and more of the same act that you might still, or most probably not, remember from the past two movies.

Nothing new, or rather nothing really interesting.

If that is your dosage for humor, then be my guest do give the ratings as many stars as you want.

There was a reason why the second film was not this one.
Perhaps that is the better reasons why, shown by the movie itself, the minions are dull without their evil boss. Simply, Robin needs Batman.

Yes, yes this is for children. And all is just for fun, we all need to lighten up. And we also need to move on - kid's are getting smarter (at least they should be). So give them smarter toys.

Nail to the coffin(a perspective from below)

I enjoyed the first Despicable me but this surplus of minions got me to a point where I asked myself: what is up with us and these dancing, mumbling and stumbling phallic symbols?
What stage are we on?

And yellow?

 We scrub children with a yellow Sponge on Square Pants, make them listen to a yellow elastic dog on high(named Jake?) and I continually vie for a yellow team
that stopped winning ages ago.

Lighten up its just for fun.

Look up the definition of minion on Google and you'll probably have this:

plural noun: minions
a follower or underling of a powerful person, especially a servile or unimportant one."

What Minions does is to glorify racial servitude. Take this, the minions are of a tribe, they have their own language, but being mindless as they are, need to serve (and entertain) someone who is not of their tribe.

Much like the Oompa Loompa's serving Wiley Wonka in the Chocolate factory.

Slaving is a better term- neither of these two tribes are given wages.

And everything is supposed to be fun.

Place this vis- a - vis in  a scenario where we have people, by the bulk of tribe/ethnicity serve another tribe. Think of off-shore call centers, sweat shops, overseas workers, Korean tutorials.

Proud to be Pinoy!

(lighten up)

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