Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Alliterant Alphabet

or An Existential, Metaphysical, but Utterly Inconsequential Abysmal Alphabet

AB is for Aby
(c. 2014)

Abbot of aberrations (with abs) tried to abandon his abnormalities only to create a bigger abomination, abort now or be absorbed by an abundance (or absence ) of absurdity and ability and self-absorption? welcome to the abyss
there is no absolution for us, fellow aberrant
but it is A Beautiful day

D is for  DOODLE
(c. 2017)

Disquieting Dreams at Dawn Disturb a Dozing Denizen of human Drama, Drawing for him a Diorama of the too Delicate bonds of a family, of the Damning Duality of Displayed morality and of the Drabness of normality, oh Doodle doodle Doodle, to Desecrate or Deteriorate? It's a Debate, can you Dig it? Caan youu dig it?! Then Dig Deep down deep deep down and Discuss with the Dog his life and yours ,Dig Deeper and Discover the Delights of the Dungeon, Dig Deeper still and you will be Delivered to the Dragon,. Start Dancing

R is for RANT
(c. 2013)

Let me Rant and Rave, Remorseful for Rejecting a Romance I now (only) Repetitively Reminisce,
Let me Rant and Rave, Remembering the Ruthless Restrictions that had no Rhyme , no Reason.
Where is the Resolution to this Reluctant Repetition?
The Reclusive Renegade, who couldn't Release the Ruled from heR RulerRs
Is RuptuRed with RegRet.
But ReveRbeRates with Rage.
My Release, Repentance? Relish a more Ruthless Response than Rejection
My Respite, Reunion? (if there be) a Remnant of that Romance
Or my Renaissance? Rebound, Revenge
And Revel as I Raze the Roaches to my Rabid Redemption

Ish! is for Ish!, an expression of exasperation and irritation
(c. 2017)

How do we SHake off the SHadow that SHackles our empty SHell
we continue to SHiver as the truthful SHimmer of the sun
 is SHunned by the SHape of our own SHade
all our SHiznits amounting to SHit
but SHould this daily SHow of our CHarade SHatter,
in SHock
we will forever SHower in SHame.
When we SHed all the SHam, one SHall ask
who am I? Who are you?
SHoo SHoo away from me
SHot, SHot mo ketdi (a special expression)

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